Cosy Session

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Looking for more serious and customised learning experience? You may pick a project from our Material Kits or from a book. Coordinate a day and time with us and start the class.

Cosy Session is applicable to all skill levels 🙂
Note: Please purchase a Material Kit from our online shop (self-collection) right after booking your first session. If the Material Kit that you are looking for cannot be found, please contact us.

Class Type Individual class, up to 2 students

1 hr: Perfect for recurring students 

2 hrs: Perfect to start a new project (recommended)

3 hrs: Perfect to start a new project

Skill Level Suitable for all levels
Recommended Age 10 yo and above
TRH pattern OR Bring-Your-Own pattern
Things to Bring
Bring your Work-in-Progress projects and tools if you have any
Hooks provided Yes, for in-studio use only.
Yarns provided No
Cosy Session is a class suitable for students who want to have a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 session with the teacher. You may work on our existing projects, bring your own patterns, or from the books in our library.

Schedule for In-studio Workshops

Week 1
11-1pm 👝 Sakura Clutch Session 1 🩄 Casual Crochet / Session 2
2-5pm 🎃 Pumpkin
🩄 Casual Crochet / Session 2
Week 2
đŸ„€ BBT Bag  Session 1
🩄 Casual Crochet / Session 2
🐙 Octopus
🩄 Casual Crochet / Session 2
Week 3
🩄 Casual Crochet / Session 2
👝 Sakura Clutch Session 1
🩄 Casual Crochet / Session 2
🎃 Pumpkin
Week 4
🩄 Casual Crochet / Session 2
đŸ„€ BBT Bag Session 1
🩄 Casual Crochet / Session 2
🐙 Octopus

How to book the next session

Step 1: Pick a date for the first class upon checking out
Step 2: Schedule the next class with us at the end of your class 

Schedule for Live Consultation (for online students)

Days Thur - Sun (by appointment only)
Time 3-5pm OR 7-9pm (by appointment only)
Duration 30min / session
  • $30 / session
    Valid for 1 month from date of purchase
    Open to TRH Patterns only
  • $75 / 3 sessions 
    Valid for 1 month from date of purchase
    Open to TRH Patterns only
  • $125 / 5 sessions
    Valid for 2 months from date of purchase
    Open to TRH Patterns and other crochet patterns
1-1, Online only via Zoom

Book an appointment with us via Whatsapp or Instagram. Please let us know your full name / invoice number / date / time. Payment to be made prior to the session.


  • Online consultations are not exchangeable for in-studio sessions. Instead, you may sign up for Casual Crochet sessions here.
  • Each consultation packages ends strictly within the stated validity period. We do not allow any extensions.
  • Sessions are back-to-back and will end strictly in 30min. Please prepare your questions beforehand so as to fully utilise the session.

About the teacher

Having taught intensively for a span of 4 years with over 3,000 students, Angie and team has discovered that every individual has a unique way of learning and there is no one size fits all. With that, Angie developed a series of online classes based on the commonly made mistakes, problems and questions that beginners are usually faced with. We want beginners to have 100% confidence in learning a new craft and loving it. Crocheting goes a long way and we hope that you can join us in this lovely journey together :) Read more...

Read our blog post about our online crochet class here.

Workshop Refunds

  Online Class In-studio Workshops


72 hrs in advance



All workshops are strictly non-refundable. For in-studio workshops, you may transfer your seat to another person.

Rescheduling of dates are subjected to 1 change per seat. Please inform us of any changes at least 72 hours in advance.

Admin fees will be charged per seat for any further changes.

All workshop packages have to be completed within the stated validity period. Extension is strictly not allowed.

Why admin charges? 

Our staffs at Tiny Rabbit Hole are always busy to ensure that your session with us is smooth and hassle-free. 

  1. engaging the right trainer to guide you through
  2. preparing a cozy environment for your experience with us
  3. coordinating a smooth and enjoyable workshop

 Copyright Policy

All photos, digital content, descriptions and workshop curriculum stated in is copyrighted. You are not allowed to copy any of these contents and pass off as your own. You are not allowed to attend the workshop and replicate our curriculum without permission. Please understand that all of these takes lots of time and effort to plan and test out so as to provide the best experiences to our students who wish to learn crochet as a hobby. More info on our copyright policy can be found here.

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