We have an overwhelming response of intakes, thus we have closed new intakes!


  • Mollie Flower/Simple Flowers: exceeded 300
  • Coasters: execeeded 300

Hello! I'm Angie from Tiny Rabbit Hole! We are supporting Team Sonder, a Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes team for their fundraising activity for Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH). We are looking for volunteers to join us in this cause. What we need from you is to crochet flowers as specified in the links below. All finished items will be sold at a fundraising event, and 100% proceeds will go to SAMH to continue running their free services for the people in need. Please read on below for more info! If you are interested to join us in the crochet making, FB/IG msg us to be added into our Whatsapp group :)


1. Click on the following tutorials to learn to make the flowers:
Mollie flower:
Simple flower:
Flower coaster:
More pattern help:
2. Feel free to crochet as many as you want until 22/8/20. Crocheting 1 would already be more than enough to show your support for our cause!
Yarns weight & material: DK yarn and above is recommended, any material composition is fine. Individual flowers will be made into keychains, and coasters should fit a cup!
Hook size: 2.5-4mm hook size is ideal.
Colours: Blue and Yellow only (colours that represents SAMH)
Materials are not provided, so please use your leftover yarns to make them. We welcome yarn donors too to help make this collection drive a success :)
3. While crocheting, take time to reflect about your day, and enjoy the destressing process. We hope that crocheting helps all to cope with stress healthily and build mental resilience, especially during these tough COVID-19 times!
4. Finished products can be dropped off at Tiny Rabbit Hole, or into a box in the stairway outside Tiny Rabbit Hole. Last day of collection would be 22/8/20.
Do share your makes with us on IG or FB! Feel free to tag @teamsonder_ @tinyrabbithole @samhsingapore We hope to repost your works on social media :)


This is a project done up by Team Sonder, a group of 4 JC1 students from Temasek Junior College who are part of the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes, championing our cause of raising funds and awareness for SAMH! We are very happy to be able to collaborate with Tiny Rabbit Hole to spread awareness for our cause and very honoured to have all of you onboard! You can find out more about us at our instagram page ( and
Thank you!