Join us for more crochet fun!

Please help us by sending the below info to
1. Name
2. Age
3. Singaporean, PR or Foreigner (from which country?)
4. Portfolio (required)
5. What do you like about Tiny Rabbit Hole?
6. Why do you want to join Tiny Rabbit Hole?
7. Which is your favourite TRH character?

1. Part-Time Crochet Apprentice:
  1. Have attended our Intro to Crochet / Express / Mentorship Workshop before
  2. Super love talking to us and making new friends!
  3. Of course, you must love to crochet too!
  4. Tell us which trainer inspired you and what kind of trainer you would like to be
  5. Able to work on either Saturday or Sunday (flexible hours)
  6. Knows how to make a cactus

We will be guiding you to be a TRH crochet trainer. Upon completing 20h of apprenticeship, you'll be qualified to join us as a part-time trainer for a min of 6 months. Apprentice will be paid. 

    2. Part-Time / Freelance Character Artist who:
    1. is stay at home parents / graduate / pro.
    2. is passionate about designing 2D characters using any software.
    3. has an eye for super cute characters.
    4. loves to work in a small and fun-loving team.
    5. can work from either home or our office.
    6. no dress code, you can come in your pajamas.
    7. loves jokes.