Once upon a time

Isn't it peculiar that all sorts of animals are hiding within our magical burrow? It might seem out of sorts to you, but it's true! The most narcissistic of all creatures residing here is none other than the unicorns! They're not just unicorns. They're the laziest and most-rainbow of all. We proudly introduce you to them –
they are the lazy rainbow unicorn family!

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Handmade Amigurumi Pattern Lazy Rainbow Unicorn


The Lazy Rainbow Unicorn

Owning the most beautiful mane in the fantasy world, Yuni-chan is always on the VVIP lists of beauty talk shows and fashion modeling events. Her only task is to lie on a majestic gold pedestal and let all the magical creatures brush her mane and tail. In return, she receives lots of rainbow macaroni – her favorite snack.

Biological Name: Yuni-chan
Date of Birth: 28 Nov 2016
Horoscope: Saggitarius
Gender: Female

Yuni-chan & Sato-san

The Rainbow Unicorn Koibito

On a magical day, while Yuni-chan was frolicking in the woods, glitters in a secret garden caught her eye. She decided to take a peek from a broken tree trunk and saw Sato-san. He was seated perfectly on the faraway tree trunk with his majestic rainbow mane. Little did she know that Sato-san had spotted her first and had purposely laid the glitters to attract her attention. Instinctively, they met up in the middle of the garden and had their first kiss.

Biological Name: Sato-san
Date of Birth: Unknown
First Sighted: 30 May 2017
Horoscope: Should be Aquarius
Gender: Male
Tiny Rabbit Hole – Amigurumi Lazy Rainbow Unicorn Baby Picomaru


The Baby Rainbow Unicorn

Small it may seem, the fact is Picomaru is already 300 years old! The secret to its youth is its diet of heavenly water (from a secret waterfall only unicorns know of) and rainbow macaroni (which hangs on sacred trees that fruit only once every ten years).

Biological Name: Picomaru
Date of Birth: 16th Century. Exact date unknown
First Sighted: 7 July 2017
Horoscope: Might be Taurus
Gender: Unknown