Amigurumi - Maneki Neko

2 sessions workshop 3 hours each (total 6 hours).

This class is suitable for students who have completed any Level 1 Workshops or knows how to work single crochet in rows.

This workshop teaches you how to work your crochet in spirals to form an amigurumi. You will be following a given pattern and basic instructions to work on your piece. After which you will stitch the parts together to form the given animal. You will be crocheting 1 cat. Animal lovers and left-handers are welcomed. Students will walk away with basic knowledge of how to make a comprehensive amigurumi and how to read patterns.

All materials and tools will be provided for use in the studio unless otherwise stated. Trainer to student ratio is 1:5. After completing this workshop, you may sign up for our advanced workshops or other modules.

Classes start on time. Please arrive 5 min before.

Learning Outcome
magic ring (MR) / single crochet (sc) / increase (inc) / decrease (dec) / color changing / placing the safety eyes / stuffing your amigurumi / finishing off / comprehensive stitching / reading crochet pattern

Lesson Plan
Session 1: Crocheting the parts according to the pattern, placing the safety eyes, stuffing
Session 2: Finishing off, comprehensive stitching of the parts together.

Fees include
- Complimentary 2.5mm Japan Tulip Hook.
- All materials and tools will be provided for use during workshop

What you should bring
- Basic crochet toolkit from the level 1 workshop.

Regular price

Be sure to hashtag us @ #tinyrabbithole on Facebook and Instagram when you completed your projects or as a gift to your loved ones, we will love to see them :)