Amigurumi - Watermelon Popsicle

1 session workshop 2.5 hours each.

This class is suitable for students who have completed Fundamentals of Crochet Workshop or knows how to do chain and single crochet.

This workshop teaches you how to work your crochet in progressive rows to achieve a rectangular piece. Afterwhich you will stitch and stuff the piece into shape. You will be crocheting 1 watermelon popsicle. Popsicle lovers and left-handers are welcomed. Students will walk away with basic knowledge of how to make a simple amigurumi.

All materials and tools will be provided for use in studio unless otherwise stated. Trainer to student ratio is 1:5. After completing this workshop, you may sign up for our Level 2 workshops.

Classes start on time. Please arrive 5 min before.

Learning Outcome
Working Single Crochet (sc) in progressive rows with turning Chains (ch)

Lesson Plan
Single crochet to form a rectangular piece, stitch it up, insert eyes and stuffing.

Fees include
- A set of basic crochet toolkit with a premium Japanese Tulip hook.
- All materials and tools will be provided for use during workshop
- You do not have to bring anything

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