Book Mentorship Session for Crochet your Favourite Amigurumi (Level 3)

This is for our current student to book their level 3 mentorship session with us who have purchased the following workshop:

- Masterclass Amigurumi Workshop (Level 1 to 3)
- Intermediate to Advanced Amigurumi Workshop (Level 2 to 3)
- Crochet your Favourite Amigurumi (Level 3)

Booking in advance allows us to allocate a crochet master to guide you and anticipate the numbers of student coming.

Please try to book this in advance so that we have ample time to assign the crochet master to you.

Book 1 seat for 1 student, not 1 group.

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Be sure to hashtag us @ #tinyrabbithole on Facebook and Instagram when you completed your projects or as a gift to your loved ones, we will love to see them :)

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