Make Your Magical Rainbow Unicorn Orange Tote with Crochet & Sewing for CNY (Last Workshop before CNY)

1 session workshop 8+ hours each. No prior experience required.

**This is the last workshop before CNY**
***Please take note that workshop is to be held at Funan Showsuite! Directions stated below***

Three months in planning and another three months of experimenting, we have formulated this magical 8+ hour Crochet x Sewing Bootcamp to kickstart your crafting journey. Together with Chief Beary Crafter, Zoe from Beary Naise, we have created something out-of-the-norm and different from other workshops and here we have — the Unicorn Kam Tote!

This workshop is all about making the most magical Unicorn Chinese New Year Orange Tote using not just ONE, but TWO different crafting techniques! Due to the long duration, coming to our studio by public transport will be most ideal. Light refreshments will be provided during the workshop. Crochet/Sewing lovers and left-handers are welcomed. If you would like to learn 2 new skills in a single day, this is the course for you. Students will walk away with basic knowledge of how to crochet and sew with a sewing machine. After you've completed this workshop, you may sign up for our level 2 crochet workshop and the more advanced workshops with Beary Naise.

There will be 2 masters to guide all of you. All materials and tools will be provided for use during the workshop.

What you will be learning
- How to hold yarn and crochet hook / Chains (ch) / Single crochet (sc)
- Sewing machine basics and safety tips, step-by-step guidance on how to sew a lunch tote with inner lining, sewing on crochet unicorn horn, mane, tails, and eyes onto bag

Lesson Plan

- Making chains, single crochet in rows.
- Create all the crochet parts 

2-3pm Lunch Break
- Bag construction with sewing of lining and application of fusible fleece
- Hand-sewing crochet parts onto the bag

Fees include

- A set of basic crochet toolkit from Tiny Rabbit Hole
- A set of colored yarn from Tiny Rabbit Hole
- A set of Ready-To-Sew Kit from Beary Naise

    Venue (information taken from
    Funan Showsuite
    Junction of Hill Street and High Street

    Clarke Quay MRT (5 minutes walk)
    CityHall MRT (8 minutes walk)

    BY CAR:
    High Street Centre (3 minutes walk)
    There is no parking available for visitors at the showsuite, please make your way to nearby carparks.

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