Yoda from Star Wars Amigurumi Frame Art


Tiny Rabbit Hole team found a black square frame with nothing but emptiness in it. We brought it to a lake where we can see stars with naked eyes. Only in that level of darkness we can fill the emptiness with stark galactic mist. We also brought some colours of Yoda - green, grey and brown yarn to do the real magic! Just by mixing them around in the right ratio, a 3D image of Yoda Amigurumi is formed by the intertwining yarns using a technique call crochet. It seems we have created an Amigurumi artefact that’s like hologram but with better graphics. Yoda even showed off his custom lightsaber.

Yoda From Another Dimension

Size (cm)
~25 (H) x ~25 (W) x ~5 (L)
  • 100% Green / Grey / Brown Acrylic Yarn
  • Poly Fiberfill
  • Safety Eyes
  • Black Wool
  • Light Saber
  • Photo Frame
  • Average Time 2 days by Crochet Master


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      It takes up to about 5-15 days to crochet the Amigurumi, longer during peak seasons. If you need it urgently, you can opt for Expedite my Amigurumi

      Our Amigurumis

      Tiny Rabbit Hole's Amigurumi are handcrafted locally with materials handpicked from Australia/Singapore/Japan. We are devoted only to produce the finest art pieces with our fingers and heart. Our home grown artist, Angie, had practised crocheting since 10 years old and experienced a 4 years artistic pilgrimage in Australia and UK where the sheep hangout.

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