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Our Story

Our Story

Tiny Rabbit Hole is unfortunately NOT about the bunnies. It is about this magical creature with rainbow-coloured mane that is rumoured to bring happiness in the seemingly dull rabbit burrow. The bunnies worship this creature like a Queen and calls her Yuni Chan, the Lazy Rainbow Unicorn. Hail the Queen!

Bespoke handmade plush

Designing plush is all about the thrill in expecting the unexpected.
Do you feel the adrenaline rush, finding out how your imagination turns out to be? Let us know what kind of magical creatures you would like to make 🙂


Bring your charm wherever you go, experiencing different countries and cultures together.


Never feel lonely at work with your plush sitting there quietly while you work your mind away.


Giving the security that you need while you sleep, or the extra warmth during a cold day.

Satisfy your addiction

Yuni chan believes in giving only the best to her loved ones, especially if she is making amigurumi herself. You will find specially curated and ethically-sourced yarns in our collection. Let Yuni Chan give you a tour!

what are you making next?

Ready for the next big occasion of gifting? It is never too early or too late 😀

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