**Updated on 19 Feb 2018**

Our Tiny Rabbit Hole's team takes a generous amount of time to design
all of our products. Every process is carefully thought through and crafted by our master craftsmen. They are not perfect yet, therefore, the whole team is dedicated to optimizing your Tiny Rabbit Hole's experience every day. 

Please do not claim our content as your own. We really appreciate it and love all of you that are taking time to read this page. Thank you!


You, the owner of the pattern, may sell items made from this pattern, provided that they are handmade by yourself, an individual, in a limited number of no more than 20 items per character per year. Mass production is strictly not allowed.

Any image(s) of a product based on this design, be it digital or physical design, whether 100% accuracy or with slight modification, produced in past or present, credit must be given to us as “Pattern and design by Angie Ng".

All our patterns are copyrighted by Angie Ng and are for personal use only. Our patterns (or parts of it) may not be reproduced, distributed or resold, translated, published, altered, shared or posted (for sale or free) over the Internet or offline.

You may have attended our workshop or saw our content on this website. You are not allowed to reproduce our workshop content and teaching material for your own commercial means and please do not claim it as your own.

Photo and Videos
All of the photos and videos on tinyrabbithole.com, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr and Google plus+ are the property of Terrix Lin. You are not allowed to use it for your own commercial means and please do not claim it as your own.

Our copyright terms may be updated in future. Please check back our terms often to ensure that you're abiding by our terms. We take our copyright policy very seriously.

For business / commercial / collaboration / sale enquiries, please contact us here.

Thank you!