Cooky the Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi Pattern and Kit
Don’t let their sweet look fool you - Cooky the bunny rabbit may be soft, but they’re also strong! This fluffy bunny is loyal and full of determination, equally set on making gains and supporting their friends. This pattern is...
from $9.00
Tata the Alien Heart Amigurumi Pattern and Kit
Tata doesn’t just wear their heart on their sleeve - it’s their head! Actually the crown prince of a faraway planet, Tata is full of mysterious magic. This quirky friend is curious about everything they see along their travels. This...
from $9.00
Chimmy the Puppy Amigurumi Pattern and Kit
Chimmy the puppy is always cozy and ready for action in their signature yellow hoodie. Chimmy works hard, plays hard, and always has a smile on their face. This pattern is inspired by Chimmy from BT21. Skill Level: ★ ☆ ☆ Finished...
from $9.00
Shooky the Cookie Amigurumi Pattern and Kit
Shooky the magic cookie is always here for a laugh. This small but mighty friend can often be found planning their next prank - or pulling it! Just don’t bring them milk - it’s Shooky’s worst enemy. This pattern is...
from $9.00
RJ the Alpaca Amigurumi Pattern and Kit
RJ the Alpaca is polite, caring, and always down for a snack. You’ll feel right at home with this soft and fluffy friend. RJ can frequently be found preparing food with a welcoming heart - they love to share! This...
from $9.00
Koya the Koala Amigurumi Pattern and Kit
For Koya the Koala, it’s always time for a nap! Find this soft and sleepy friend surrounded by pillows and beautiful thoughts. This pattern is inspired by Koya from BT21. Skill Level: ★ ☆ ☆ Finished Size (cm):Approx. 10cm (H)...
from $9.00
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