Bodkin Needle
  Bodkin needles are an incredibly handy tool for threading cord or yarn through a tunnel of a hoodie, a pair of trousers or any other garment or accessory!
Addi Express Knitting Mill
35cm modelKnitting has never been easier thanks to the Addi Express Kingsize knitting mill. The only thing you need to do is decide what you want to make, thread the desired yarn around the needles and turn the handle -...
from $160.00
Hamanaka glue
For wood, paper, cloth, leather, etc. High-performance adhesive that dries quickly and becomes transparent when dry. Non-formalin and environmentally friendly! NET100g
clover glue (multi-purpose craft glue)
Dries Clear used for paper, cloth and wood leaves a clean finish.Contents: 60g
$7.00 $6.00
Clover glue for felt and cloth
Dries Clear Used for bonding felt and clothHigh viscosity bond that reduces annoying soaking and leaves a clean finish.Convenient spatula for quick and clean bondingThis is a high viscosity bond that bonds easily into materials such as felt and wool.Dries...
$7.00 $6.00
Eucalan Natural - Delicate Wash
Eucalan Delicate Wash is ideal for handwashing, and can be used in a top or front loading machine. The environmentally friendly formula also acts as a dust mite deterrent and anti-static. Eucalan is a no-rinse wash, meaning that the formula...
Tulip Row & Stitch Counter
Twist the end until the correct number appears after finishing each stitch or row of stitches. Weight 0.05 kg Dimensions 5 × 10 × 2 cm
Umbrella Skein Holder
This tool is ideal for Knitters, Weavers, and Lace Makers. Made from Plastic and Metal, this swift is sturdy and lightweight. Fully adjustable for any size skein. Keeps the skein from getting tangled while you are winding. It is easy...
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