BREAKING NEWS: Toki the Bunny is now the most famous Amigurumi in Singapore!


Tiny Rabbit Hole - Toki Bunny Couple Lover featured yes 933 music walker video mv

Early this year, Toki jumped into the bandwagon of being an influencer by doing a styled photoshoot with Tiny Rabbit Hole’s Photographer, Terrix, at Fort Canning Park, hoping to become the next Hello Kitty. Following the footsteps of many famous influencers, Toki posted all his photographs onto Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And BOOM, the world noticed Toki. Toki has sparked lots of interests among our Instagram community for its cuteness and simplicity, especially among his photographer’s friends. Joanne, long time friend and partner-in-crime with Terrix wanted to have Toki and his GF featured in a music video. Of course! Toki and GF are so cute! We did what we have to, we gave Toki’s GF a cute little ribbon on her ear. Together, they were starred in a MV about a love story.

Director and Cinematographer: Joanne Lim / Spark A Light (Web | FB) / Music Walker (YT | FB)

Music: 你聽到了嗎 Can You Hear Me by 黃長俊 Jeff Ng

Featured on YES 933

Joanne the cinematographer is also a good friend of mine, one of the best girls I met in Brissy, also part of my chat group “Brissy girls”. I can still remember these 6 months of awesome memories where we spent all night gossiping at the 24hr Maccas, drove miles to a very dark place to stargaze, all girls nights-out at Mt Coot-ha, epic road trip to anywhere, and enjoyed being with mother nature together with a whole gang of girls! Long before I met Joanne, she was already a passionate Cinematographer. I heard her passion has been burning strong since 14 years old. Through the visuals she creates, she aims to evoke feelings in others. Her favourite stuffs are Taiwanese Pop Music and MVs. Recently she has formed a group with her like-minded cinematographer friends to debut their first MV. It was all incredible hard work. Time, people, location, props, directing, editing, sweat, blood, tears - all put in! And all the hard work paid off! Joanne and her team, Music Walker, has been featured by one of the most prominent radio station in Singapore, YES 933! Congrats girl! Congrats for taking the huge leap of passion and believing in doing what you love.

Not only has Joanne become famous, our Toki and GF are also receiving lots of viewership from all over Singapore, some say Malaysia, Taiwan and all over the world! Joanne also does Wedding Cinematography


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