Our Origin

Tiny Rabbit Hole is unfortunately NOT about the bunnies. It is about this magical creature with rainbow-coloured mane that is rumoured to bring happiness in the seemingly dull rabbit burrow. The bunnies worship this creature like a Queen and calls her Yuni Chan, the Lazy Rainbow Unicorn. Hail the Queen!

Tiny Rabbit Hole is created out of the imaginations of Angie, and brought to life with Terrix's photography magic. Together, we have inspired many to make magical creatures, warming everyone's hearts.

Our Curated Yarn Collection

We devote majority of our time sourcing for quality yarns by reputable brands that have been manufacturing yarns for decades. How yarns are produced is as important as how we, the makers, transform yarns into wearables or huggables, for yourself or for others. We place yarn safety above all else.

With the current era of pollution, chemical toxicity and greenwashing, it becomes harder for the general public to discern the good and the bad. Certain brands even went through lab certification such as the OEKO-Tex to prove the safety of the yarns, giving the consumers a peace of mind.

As the process of knitting and crochet is slow, we spend many hours of the day, or even weeks being in contact with the materials and the tools. The last thing we want to do is for our skin, the largest organ in our body, to absorb unwanted toxic chemicals present in the yarns. Prolonged exposure to toxicity will indefinitely cause unwanted health issues or allergies which no one signed up for.

At Tiny Rabbit Hole, we ensure that your health, and our health, is of utmost priority. We will continue to source quality and safe yarns for our own personal enjoyment, for charity, or as a business. 

Our Ethos

At Tiny Rabbit Hole, we promise you a lifetime companion with the most heartwarming character. We use only the finest materials and delicate craftsmanship to make crochet plushies and accessories that outlast time. We believe in selling only materials we trust and tools that are practical and ergonomic. Our library of yarns are highly curated to give you a splendid outcome and they will never fail you.

Our Crochet Teaching Practices

Having taught intensively for a span of 6 years with over 7,000 students, Angie and team has discovered that every individual has a unique way of learning and there is no one size fits all. With that, Angie and Terrix developed a series of in-studio and online classes based on the commonly made mistakes, problems and questions that beginners are usually faced with. We want beginners to have 100% confidence in learning a new craft and loving it. Crocheting goes a long way and we hope that you can join us in this lovely journey together :)


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