About Us

Tiny Rabbit Hole

Once upon a time, deep in the woods, bottom of a tree, there’s a hole to another dimension, where imagination runs beneath the earth and beyond the skies. It’s a secret little place where we handmade magical creatures with yarns and needles. Once in a while, humans (instead of bunnies) accidentally found our hole, we teach them about the art of Amigurumi.

Besides crocheting these creatures, we also organize workshops in Singapore to impart wannabe crocheters the skill to unlock these magical creatures and get them out of their virtual captivity by transforming them into crochet stuffed creatures. We are happy to tailor magical creatures specially for you even if we have not come across them in the seven seas. Simply drop us a message on our Facebook / Instagram / Contact Us. and let us know where they are locked at.

Our Amigurumi

All our Amigurumi are handcrafted in our secret place with materials handpick from Australia and Singapore. We are devoted to only produce only the finest art pieces with our fingers and hearts. Our team constantly travel around the world to be constantly inspired by all forms of art around the world. We teaches workshops and organise Amigurumi events too.

Co-founder / Crochet Artist

The magical journey of Angie started when she was only 10 years old when she learnt crochet from a master in a small humble yarn shop. In her life, she has done various form of creative stuffs such as live drawing, 3d design and ux design. Not long ago, Angie went on an artistic pilgrimage for 4 years around Australia and Europe. Through her adventure, she met all kinds of artists and designers, visited fine art galleries and art and craft markets. And finally, her heart settled when she was in Australia. In the backyard of her house, Angie crocheted her first Amigurumi bunny. Today Angie is back to her homeland, Singapore, to crochet the everything out of her heart.

Co-founder / TechSmith

Yew Tong is a software engineer who loves technology and putting things together. He's the one who works on this awesome website, replies all your coming inquiries and makes sure everything is in place. He hops into Tiny Rabbit Hole join Angie on this adventure to release all these cute magical creatures from our imagination to the real world.

Photographer / WordSmith

I’m Terrix and I wrote most things above and below and in other pages. I took most of the photographs you see on this website too. When people ask me what’s my day job, I like to tell them I’m the blogger for Tiny Rabbit Hole. It is absolutely fabulous to be able to express myself creatively and have good fun at the same time.