There's no place better than hiding in a craft haven that is hidden somewhere in the woods, away from the bustling city, peeling you away from the stress of life. Just sit down, relax and crochet your day away. Enjoy a cuppa of caffeine-free tea that melts your stress away. Who knows? you might even meet a friend just like you!

Craft Hideout is going by appointment basis. Please book with us at least 1 day before, otherwise do email/call us to check for availability. 

Please note that fees are applicable for 1 day during our operating hours! You may also use your Carrot Points to redeem a slot!

Opening hours
Tue/Thur: 2-8pm
Sat/Sun: 12-5pm

How we work

Book an appointment with us

Purchase Craft Hideout credits via cash or Carrot Points. Pick a date and check out.

Visit our Craft Hideout

Flash us your ticket. Grab a cup and redeem a teabag. Find a comfy spot and settle down.

TAG US ON @crafthideout

Show us what you are doing, or pose with our unicorns and bunnies! Tag us on your social media!

Using our amenities

Get access to our tools such as crochet, leather crafting, needle punching, needle felting, rug hooking, pottery wheel, sewing machine and more. Enquire with us.

 • enter the realm of crochet and zen •


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