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I wonder whether any of you use apps to count your stitches? It's kind of a headache when you keep missing counts so you'll be scribbling all over any piece of paper you can find. I used to scribble in my book. But being such an anal person in keeping my book clean, I really don't like those scribbles that's gonna be used just ONCE. 

Tiny Rabbit Hole Pattern Writing Counting Problem Rainbow Unicorn Counter+ iOS App

Perhaps I started doing crochet since young before there's such a thing called Wifi, so I wasn't thinking of using any apps. But seriously! Ok, searched in the app store and found Counter+!

Counter + App iOS counting stitches single crochet Tiny Rabbit Hole

At first, I thought that it's just a straightforward app to count things. But when I swipe the screen, I realised that I can do a few counters at the same time! They can be renamed too. So that means I can do different projects or parts at the same time and still have my counting stored neatly. No frustration about finding pen and paper when sometimes these things are far away from my reach =)

Counter+ iOS App count number of stitches single crochet Tiny Rabbit Hole

Use Counter+, it's worth your time. Never miss your stitches again. Some more it's free!



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