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legend of the blue sea heo jun jae jeon ji hyun kdrama mermaid pink octopus

Let's talk about a sad love story between a mermaid and a human. A long time ago during the Joseon period, when Korea was still known as Goryeo, a mermaid and a human fell in love. The life of the mermaid was exquisite and so she was being prosecuted by the greedy humans. The mermaid and the human died a horrible death for trying to protect the mermaid from the ugly faces of human nature. 

"My love lasts longer than my time" ~ Heo Jun Jae

legend of the blue sea lotbs pink octopus lee min-ho legend of the blue sea lotbs pink octopus lee min-ho

legend of the blue sea heo jun jae jeon ji hyun kdrama mermaid octopus

As destiny allowed them to be both reincarnated, their fate hadn't changed at all. In the modern setting, the mermaid, Shim Cheong (Jeon Ji-hyun), met the love of her life, Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min-ho) in a foreign country. Having set her mind to meet Jun Jae again, she decided to take the risk and swam for 15 days to Korea to search for him. Eventually, Jun Jae fell in love with her, but that also means that the mermaid was going to be in danger.

legend of the blue sea heo jun jae jeon ji hyun kdrama mermaid tiny rabbit hole handmade crochet

The pink octopus became a symbol of love, persistence and danger. It has been repeated throughout the scene several times, giving it a significant role in the story. I believed that not only me, but many other fans out there are just as crazy about the pink octopus living in the vending machine as I do! Its cute circular structure and short stubby tentacles and the all-so-innocent mouth – I just can't take my eyes off it! And the sweet moment when Heo Jun Jae gave it to Shim Cheong during her self-proclaimed birthday made it all so romantic and heartwarming. It's a simple gesture of love, but it meant so much to the couple. This spurs me to recreate the octopus and let it sit comfortably in my studio, allowing me to relive the beautiful scenes in Legend of the Blue Sea!

legend of the blue sea heo jun jae jeon ji hyun kdrama mermaid tiny rabbit hole handmade crochet

I hope that all of you will like this pink octopus as much as I do! I wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year on behalf of our team! I hope that you'll receive a gift as sweet as Shim Cheong's which represents long lasting love that transcends the boundary of time~

We'll be updating the Pink Octopus in our store this week. Watch out for it, or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of our new adorable amigurumi!

legend of the blue sea heo jun jae jeon ji hyun kdrama mermaid tiny rabbit hole handmade crochet happy chinese new year

My Penang friend, who is a loyal and crazy fan of LOTBS, helped me summarise this drama in just a few lines:

"The pink sotong? It is a sotong in pink colour. Living not in the sea but in the vending machine. One day the girl say wanna give up and go back to be her mermaid princess, eat her fav fish, then the guy very angry cuz he cannot get pearls from her anymore. So he took her to the vending machine tell her that whatever you do, you must be persistent. So if u wanna eat the sotong u must make sure you try try try and try to get it"~ @hazelletter

Watch out for her beautiful calligraphy Instagram feed too! 


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