• Yoda From Another Dimension

    Yoda From Another Dimension
    In this era of doubts and confusion, I need the most reliable mentor to guide me through my life! Preferably someone wise like Yoda. But Yoda lives in the world of Star Wars right? And we humans have not developed that technology to cross dimensions yet. Well, Tiny Rabbit Hole is a hole of magic! Not a hole that can teleports me to yoda...
  • Tiny Rabbit Hole's New Year Resolution

    Tiny Rabbit Hole's New Year Resolution
    Photo credit: Ed Schipul Our 2016 was quite a blast. Dug a hole in the wildest part of the woods and named it “Tiny Rabbit Hole”, and waited and waited for bunnies to come. But no bunnies came so Angie our Amigurumi master created heaps of magical creatures. It’s not long before Angie is known among the animal and non-animal kingdoms and she received...
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