Tiny Rabbit Hole's New Year Resolution


Photo by Ed Schipul

Photo credit: Ed Schipul

Our 2016 was quite a blast. Dug a hole in the wildest part of the woods and named it “Tiny Rabbit Hole”, and waited and waited for bunnies to come. But no bunnies came so Angie our Amigurumi master created heaps of magical creatures. It’s not long before Angie is known among the animal and non-animal kingdoms and she received many requests to create magical creatures that they desire. Some even asked Angie to teach them how to do it.

Make your own dango amigurumi with Tiny Rabbit Hole

Workshop with students from Singapore Institute of Technology to create Dango Amigurumi — In collaboration with SIT Japanese Club

pompompurin amigurumi wedding proposal ring holder

A Pompompurin-themed ring holder customised with request from her husband-to-be

As a mere human, Angie only has a pair of hands. Techsmith -- Yew Tong and Wordsmith -- Terrix, soon sworn their alliance to Angie to help dominate the world with cuteness. Not long after, the Tiny Rabbit Hole was already overflowing with magical creatures. These cute and lovable animals are ready to leave their warm and comfy nest and go on a journey to fill the world with happiness and magic. Wishfully, at the same time to look for a destined master, who would love them as much as their creator does.

Let your love grow with Bunny Plant — Tiny Rabbit Hole
Let your love grow with Bunny Plant

This new year marks a new epoch for Tiny Rabbit Hole. While we have released many magical creatures, many humans came to visit our humble hole too. They are here to learn this magical art of creation. Beyond just adopting their favourite magical creatures, they would like to materialise their imaginations too. Their curiosity amazed Angie. Angie delightfully spread her magic and hopefully one day, they would dig their own Tiny Rabbit Holes too. Or just join us in this warm and chillax hole we already dug.

Photo Credit: Carla Wosniak
Photo Credit: Carla Wosniak

Angie and two of her henchmen are always filled with new ideas. In our loft, days and nights, experimenting with new crochet techniques, drawing and brushing up cute creatures. Some familiar, some new, and maybe some from a faraway hole. But I promise, they gonna be cuter than ever, and soft and nice to cuddle, just like our lovely unicorn!

Crocheted Unicorn Amigurumi – Tiny Rabbit Hole

Look at our lovely unicorn exploring the magical wonders of the woods!

Hint: More Pokemon, Disney, Hello Kitty, Star Wars and Original characters, crochet workshop, epic collaborations.

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Photo Credit: Eric Sonstroem

Photo Credit: Eric Sonstroem

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