• We have been scammed :'(

    We have been scammed :'(
    Last Christmas was our busiest month in the entire history of Tiny Rabbit Hole. We received a custom order from an unsuspecting poor little girl who claimed to be a student. The girl told us she did not have access to a credit card and there is no adult who can pay on her behalf. She wanted to make a rainbow unicorn with at least...
  • Make Naiise Handmade Plushie at Naiise!

    Make Naiise Handmade Plushie at Naiise!
    It's been over a month since we held our first workshop at Naiise@Orchard Gateway! It was a very pleasant experience at such a centralised location, and so we're going to host another one on 28 May 2017, Sunday. Be sure to drop by and say hi! It's interesting to see people from all walks of life participating in our workshop. This time, we have a...
  • Tiny Rabbit Hole's New Year Resolution

    Tiny Rabbit Hole's New Year Resolution
    Photo credit: Ed Schipul Our 2016 was quite a blast. Dug a hole in the wildest part of the woods and named it “Tiny Rabbit Hole”, and waited and waited for bunnies to come. But no bunnies came so Angie our Amigurumi master created heaps of magical creatures. It’s not long before Angie is known among the animal and non-animal kingdoms and she received...
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