Unlock Legendary Suicune Amigurumi into the world!

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Tiny Rabbit Hole - Legendary Suicune Pokemon Amigurumi 

We have unlocked the legendary Suicune into the world from the virtual space! This was a custom crochet order from one of our customers. She loves Pokemon! Seems like she's been on the Pokemon hunt since the release and she's out to catch our Suicune too!

We used these picture as references:

suicune - tiny rabbit holecute suicune - tiny rabbit hole

It took us quite awhile to craft it. Selecting the soft blue yarn and a darker shade of blue from the dozens of blue, and gotten a pack of purple felting wool for the hair. It took us almost 3 full days to crochet it. One of the greatest struggle was the head. We were quite adamant about using a round shape as what we have for Pikachu and Eevee so that they look like a series. However, we were utterly wrong! At the very last minute, we decided to change it into an oval, and the result was just spectacular. The sign on Suicune's head also took us quite some time to achieve that hexagon. Lastly, we had to use the felting needle to attach the super cool purple "Michael Jackson" hair on the its head! Cool anot?

And when you thought we have jumped over the largest hurdle, you're totally wrong! The most difficult part is actually the eyes. Yes, maybe it's just a pair of red eyes to you, but this took us almost the same number of hours as crocheting Suicune.

We started with having the idea of painting the eyes with red nail polish. However, both of us do not have much experience painting nails. One is a technical guy, while the other is a girl who cannot stand waiting for nails to be dried so she doesn't paint her nails. So, the process of getting the eyes painted is just taking forevvvvaaaaa! Getting smudged and scratched and smelling the paint for several hours gave us quite a bit of headache. We decided to borrow varnish from our dear friend, Jiahui, who makes clay figurines and tada! Now the eyes are indestructible :) :) :)

Old Version:

old version Suicune amigurumi - tiny rabbit hole

When we were done with each version we kept sending photos to the customer back and forth, afraid that she might not like it. But to our surprise, she loved Suicune even more so than Pikachu! The effort is definitely worth it!

Do you all wants us to make the other 2 legendary dogs? Raikou and Entei?

Grab this crochet Suicune here! =)

Resting Suicune Amigurumi - Tiny Rabbit HoleResting Suicune Amigurumi - Tiny Rabbit HoleResting Suicune Amigurumi - Tiny Rabbit HoleRest Suicune Amigurumi - Tiny Rabbit Hole

We would love to hear your feedback about our Suicune!

Thanks for reading!


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