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Good day madame and monsieur!

Just in 4 days and its Vday. Are you as prepared as we are? Since a couple of days ago, people started sending in inquiries like locust swarming across the cornfield. We have received more than 500 messages and 50 orders for this very romantic occasion. Just a speculation, more people does gift exchange on Vday than on Xmas.

crochet crocheting knit knitting amigurumi, proposal, pompompurin, crochet, handmade

3 type of shoppers for Valentine’s Day:

The first type and also the majority are people who wanna give something handmade for the other half. The second type are people who are still single, nervously hoping to increase their chance with a customised Amigurumi. The third type bought it for their families and friends they truly love! No one says Vday is only for your other half right?

crochet crocheting knit knitting amigurumi, unicorn, crochet, handmade, kuroby

2 characteristic of a good Amigurumi

The bare requirement to be a good Amigurumi is that it has to be 100% handmade with warmth and love. Despite the peak season, corners shall not be cut. Quality is paramount, sleep can be procastinated :) That’s why a good Amigurumi can last forever. When it comes to longevity, the concept and ideas are equally important. The design will determine if a character goes out of fashion and cliche in time to come.

crochet crocheting knit knitting amigurumi, unicorn, trex, crochet, handmade

The desire for love and peace

2 years ago, Angie went full yolo and started crocheting in exchange for a packet of rice. Her hardcore handwork has inspired Yewtong and Terrix to go yolo too. In this era where the world is full of uncertainty, we don’t care if trump is the president or KFC’s new chizza is delicious or not. We only have one mission, to bring love and peace with our magical creatures. Today, once a month, we managed treat ourselves with an atas plate of risotto. Perhaps, after Valentine’s Day, we can order ourselves a glass of wine too.

crochet crocheting knit knitting amigurumi, pikachu, psyduck, pokemon, crochet, handmade

Oh, by the way, are also featured on the first page of carousell. Let’s keep the yarn rolling!

crochet crocheting knit knitting amigurumi, Carousell, crochet, handmade

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