Mr Brown from Line Amigurumi

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Mr Brown from Line messaging app! Say Hi to Mr brown and his friends but where is his friend? Do you want to be Mr Brown's Friend?

Do it yourself, get the Material Kit.

 Size (cm)
~12 (H) x ~9 (W) x ~6 (L)
  • 100% Brown Acrylic Yarn
  • Poly Fiberfill
  • Safety Eyes 

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    Singapore: $3.90 SGD
    Other Countries: $6.90 SGD (~$4.90 USD)

    Self Collect (Singapore only)

    Make to Order
    It takes up to about 5-20 days to make an Amigurumi, longer during peak seasons.

    About Tiny Rabbit Hole

    Tiny Rabbit Hole's Amigurumi are handcrafted locally with materials handpicked from Australia and Singapore. We are devoted only to produce the finest art pieces with our fingers and heart. Our home grown artist, Angie, had practised crocheting since 10 years old and experienced a 4 years artistic pilgrimage in Australia and UK where the sheep hangout.

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