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[Online Class] Level 2: Intro to Amigurumi
[Online Class] Level 2: Intro to Amigurumi
[Online Class] Level 2: Intro to Amigurumi
[Online Class] Level 2: Intro to Amigurumi
[Online Class] Level 2: Intro to Amigurumi

[Online Class] Level 2: Intro to Amigurumi

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[New!] Choose "Surprise Me Colours" to get a surprise colour combination from us! 

About the class

We are putting together the right ingredients to make crochet an enjoyable and relaxing journey for beginners. We have developed this step-by-step class to help you pick up the basics of amigurumi. This class has been well tested and proven at Tiny Rabbit Hole since 2017 before being released as an online class. Let's lose ourselves in making these cuties and relax our minds.

In this class, you'll learn

  • how to start a basic amigurumi project
  • how to read a simple pattern
  • how to count your stitches
  • how to rectify your mistakes
  • how to transform it into a cute amigurumi

What is included

You will receive a set of all the materials you require to crochet this project. Items can also be purchased separately at Craft Supplies and Patterns & Kits.

Level 2: Intro to Amigurumi  Full Package Online Class Only
Online Class (Step-by-step video instructions)
Digital Pattern (Dumbo Octopus)
Material Kit (Dumbo Octopus)
Basic Crochet Toolkit (2.75-3.25mm)
1 complimentary session of Live Consultation (worth $30)


  • Please choose Material Kit A/B/C for Dumbo Octopus body colours.
  • Dumbo Octopus ear colours are ready-made and given at random.
  • You will be able to make 2 Dumbo Octopus (6cm tall) in the kit.
  • Read below to find out more info about the Online Consultation.
  • Please note that there is strictly no exchange or refund of the packages upon purchasing.

What's Next?

[Online Class] Consultation

More online classes coming soon! (TBA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have no knowledge about crochet at all. Can I join this class?

A: No. This is a basic amigurumi class that teaches you from scratch on how to start your amigurumi piece. It doesn't teach you how to do basic stitches. Basic stitches will be covered in Level 1. You will need to complete our Level 1 class before attempting Level 2.

Q: I have tried crochet before long time ago. Can I join this class?

A: If you already have some experience in doing basic crochet stitches (single crochet), you may go straight to this class. It is fully-guided with clear and concise instructions. If you have any questions during the online class, feel free to book a consultation with us.

Q: After taking this class, can I make a unicorn (or other animals)?

A: Yes and No.

Yes - You have learned the basics to start your project already, so take out that pattern and start crocheting!

No - Crochet is an ongoing learning journey. There are still many stitches and techniques you can learn and we strongly encourage you to get more Patterns & Kits and try out something new! When you meet a new challenge, we will be more than happy to answer your questions via our Online Consultation. 

Q: What else can I learn after completing Level 2?

A: They are:

  • hdc, dc, tr and many more
  • combining basic stitches to form complex stitches
  • reading Japanese patterns/diagrams
  • how to stitch amigurumi parts together
  • new and evolving stitches

The list is not exhaustive. Always amuse yourself with more projects. Welcome to the world of crochet!

Q: What projects can I make after completing Level 2?

A: You may try any projects in the Easy to Medium levels first before attempting the Difficult level. They are available for purchase in Patterns & Kits. If you have any questions on how to complete these projects, feel free to book a consultation with us.

How to book the next session (in-studio students)

Step 1: Pick a date for the first class upon checking out
Step 2: Schedule the next class with us at the end of your class 

    About the teacher

    Having taught intensively for a span of 5 years with over 3,000 students, Angie and team has discovered that every individual has a unique way of learning and there is no one size fits all. With that, Angie developed a series of in-studio and online classes based on the commonly made mistakes, problems and questions that beginners are usually faced with. We want beginners to have 100% confidence in learning a new craft and loving it. Crocheting goes a long way and we hope that you can join us in this lovely journey together :) Read more...

    Read our blog post about our online crochet class here.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. In-studio workshop expiry is 3 months from date of purchase. 
    2. All workshops have to be completed within 2 months starting from the first session. Extension of class after 2 months or extending a session will incur a fee of $50/session.
    3. 72 hours notice is required when rescheduling a class. No charge will be levied for cancellations that occur prior to this 72 hour window. Cancellations that occur within the 72 hour window or no shows will incur $7 admin fee per seat.
    4. Rescheduling due to illnesses will require a Medical Certificate sent to us.
    5. All workshops are strictly non-refundable. However, you may transfer your seat to another person.
    6. Please note that when you schedule a class with us, you automatically consent to photography, videography, their release or reproduction to be used for media or advertising purposes.
      Online Class In-studio Workshops

    72 hrs in advance



    Why admin charges? 

    Our staff at Tiny Rabbit Hole are always busy to ensure that your session with us is smooth and hassle-free. We take time to prepare the materials you require in class and sanitise before your session so that you have a comfortable time. We ensure that everything is in place so that there will be no hiccups between teachers and students. If you cannot make it for the session, we need extra time to inform other students who are in the waitlist.


    All photos, digital content, descriptions and workshop curriculum stated in TinyRabbitHole.com is copyrighted. You are not allowed to copy any of these contents and pass off as your own. You are not allowed to attend the workshop and replicate our curriculum without permission. Please understand that all of these takes lots of time and effort to plan and test out so as to provide the best experiences to our students who wish to learn crochet as a hobby. More info on our copyright policy can be found here.

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