Yarn Destash + Exchange Day at Tiny Rabbit Hole

Bought too much yarn during yarn spree? Or that yarn you bought online didn't turn out to be what you expect? Or your cousin's neighbour's cat's daughter's bf's owner's mom gives you a ton of yarn out of no reason and you don't even crochet or knit?

Come to this free event to turn your yarn into your long desired yarn! We also have a lot of great yarn we wanna destash/exchange. And who knows you might find some treasures in this event~

Join us with a mini booth of your own if you have at least a suitcase of yarn. We will reserve a space for you to display. Just DM us via Instagram or Facebook to register. This is also a great chance to meet up with other fellow crochet artist. This event for everyone even if you only have one ball of yarn. Do remember this is a "not for profit" event.

If you're interested in sponsoring our event, please contact us =)

Event Details
29 Jun - 1 Jul 2018 (Friday - Sunday)
12 – 7pm
62A Smith Street, Level 2, Singapore 058964

Some photos & videos might be taken for our social media.

Regular price

Be sure to hashtag us @ #tinyrabbithole on Facebook and Instagram when you completed your projects or as a gift to your loved ones, we will love to see them :)

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