• The Pink Octopus that caught my Heart – Legend of the Blue Sea

    The Pink Octopus that caught my Heart – Legend of the Blue Sea
    Let's talk about a sad love story between a mermaid and a human. A long time ago during the Joseon period, when Korea was still known as Goryeo, a mermaid and a human fell in love. The life of the mermaid was exquisite and so she was being prosecuted by the greedy humans. The mermaid and the human died a horrible death for trying to protect...
  • Tiny Rabbit Hole's New Year Resolution

    Tiny Rabbit Hole's New Year Resolution
    Photo credit: Ed Schipul Our 2016 was quite a blast. Dug a hole in the wildest part of the woods and named it “Tiny Rabbit Hole”, and waited and waited for bunnies to come. But no bunnies came so Angie our Amigurumi master created heaps of magical creatures. It’s not long before Angie is known among the animal and non-animal kingdoms and she received...
  • Pompompurin: A proposal surprise!

    Pompompurin: A proposal surprise!
    I was so excited when I was contacted by my ex-schoolmate, Angeline! It's been ages since we last met up. Silvia, Angeline's sister, was about to be proposed by her boyfriend, Daniel! Three weeks before the proposal, Angeline came up with an interesting idea, a Pompompurin holding the proposal ring! I was so pumped up as it was the first wedding-related project. I could...
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